I taught undergraduate mathematics until 2014 at various universities.

Teaching Resources lists a bunch of math and teaching resources that have caught my eye.

Drake University

I was an assistant professor of mathematics at Drake University, a liberal arts university in Des Moines, Iowa, from 2009-2014. I taught the following courses.

Iowa State University

I was a post-doctoral fellow in the math department at Iowa State University from 2007-2009, and taught two courses each semester.

  • Multivariable Calculus
    • Spring 2009 (Honors)
    • Spring 2008 (Honors)
  • Linear Algebra
    • Spring 2009
    • Spring 2008
  • Calculus II
    • Fall 2008 (Honors)
    • Fall 2007 (Honors)
    • Fall 2007
  • Differential Equations, Fall 2008

Brigham Young University

As a graduate student in mathematics at Brigham Young University (2001-2007), I often taught one course each semester. Here are a few of the courses I taught.

  • Quantitative Reasoning, Winter 2007
  • College Algebra
    • Fall 2006 (Large lecture). I lectured 6 combined sections and supervised 2 undergraduate teaching assistants. The course used the MyMathLab software and the homework and quizzes were all done online.
    • Winter 2006
  • Calculus I
    • Winter 2003
    • Fall 2003
    • Fall 2004
  • Business Calculus, Fall 2005
  • Linear Algebra, Spring 2006

I was a teaching assistant for the following courses. Typically, I was over several sections and taught recitation lectures, graded homework and tests, and held regular office hours.

  • BYU Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), Summer 2006. This was an NSF-funded summer research program for undergraduates covering geometric minimization. I worked closely with a few students in developing some research software, including a Mathematica program that calculated a Steiner tree on a sphere. I also maintained the REU website and supervised and participated in extra-curricular activities.
  • Graduate student teaching seminar, 2006. This is an ongoing seminar for new graduate students that meets twice a month. After participating in the seminar for a year, I was asked to help run the seminar. I have led seminar discussions and helped video record participants giving a practice lecture.
  • Undergraduate Abstract Algebra, Winter 2005.
  • Calculus I, Fall 2002.
  • Business Calculus, Winter 2002.
  • College Algebra, Fall 2001.