Advanced Linear Algebra, Fall 2012


When I do use software in class, I will probably use Sage, which is based on the free industry-standard language Python. We will use the Drake Sage Server.

Free Software

  • Sage: A free open-source alternative to leading commercial math packages. You can download it to your computer or you can use the Drake Sage server (please see me to get an account).
  • Octave: Open-source free alternative to Matlab. You can download versions for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Commercial Software

  • Mathematica: A comprehensive computer algebra system. I think we have a campus license, so you can use it for free while you are here. Student licenses are not valid after you graduate, so student versions are basically “rented” until you graduate. Depending on what you do when you leave, Mathematica may cost thousands of dollars after you graduate.
  • Maple: A comprehensive computer algebra system.
  • Matlab: Software that is typically used in engineering to do linear algebra. This software costs tens of thousands of dollars once you are not a student.

Other resources

I’ve collected a number of links to online resources for this class and posted them to my teaching resources page. You should at least browse the general resources and linear algebra resources.