Graph Database

The database contains graphs up through 8 vertices.

Click on a heading to see the options you can change in your query. Click "Get Graphs" to get the graphs.

Check the "Visible" checkbox next to the criteria to have that field visible in the result. For criteria like induced subgraphs, forbidden subgraphs, or graph6 graphs, enter a list of graphs in graph6 format, separated by commas.

The filtering criteria apply whether or not that item is marked "visible" and shown in the results.

I am currently working on the new version of this database and the query interface. An early (alpha) version of the new interface is at This interface requires Javascript. Please email me if you have any suggestions or see any bugs in the interface.

Graphs per page:

Visible Search Criteria
Graph picture
Graph6 code IS ONE OF
<= number of vertices <=
<= number of edges <=
<= number of cycles <=
<= number of Hamiltonian cycles <=
<= Lovasz number <=
Visible Search Criteria
<= Vertex connectivity <=
<= Edge connectivity <=
<= Number of Components <=
<= Girth <=
<= Radius <=
<= Diameter <=
<= Clique Number <=
<= Independence Number <=
<= Number of Cut Vertices <=
<= Size of the Minimum Vertex Cover <=
<= Number of Spanning Trees <=
Visible Search Criteria
Degree sequence IS ONE OF
<= Minimum degree <=
<= Maximum degree <=
<= Sum of degrees <=
<= Average degree <=
<= Standard Deviation of degrees <=
Visible Search Criteria
Induced subgraph list
Induced subgraphs (graph6) CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE OF
Induced subgraphs (graph6) CONTAIN ALL OF
Forbidden subgraphs (graph6) CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE OF
Forbidden subgraphs (graph6) CONTAIN ALL OF
Graph complement picture
Graph complement graph6 code
Visible Search Criteria
<= Minimum eigenvalue <=
<= Maximum eigenvalue <=
<= Standard Deviation of eigenvalues <=
<= Energy (sum of absolute value of eigenvalues) <=
Visible Search Criteria
<= Automorphism group size <=
<= Number of orbits <=
<= Number of fixed points <=
TRUE Vertex Transitive FALSE
TRUE Edge Transitive FALSE