Instructions for Exam 1 corrections

These are due Friday, March 30, at the beginning of class.

Use clean sheet of papers with your original exam stapled behind your correction. Label each problem clearly. Do not change anything on your original exam.

For each problem for which you did not receive full credit:

  • Write in complete sentences the errors you made and what you will do to ensure that you don't make that kind of error again. Be specific and explain exactly where and what mistake was made. You will not receive correction credit if you do not explain your mistakes sufficiently.
  • Correctly and neatly rework the problem. If you just made a minor error, you do not need to show all of the work for the problem-—it is sufficient to start your work at the first error (but be sure to indicate when you are doing this).
  • When doing corrections, you may use any outside resource. However, remember that your submitted correction must be your work. Plagiarism is considered cheating.

For every problem that is completely corrected (i.e., you've explained your error and corrected your work, according to the above instructions), you'll get half the points you missed back. You won't get points back for incorrect corrections, so make sure your answers are right.

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