Linear Algebra, Spring 2006

I was asked to teach this course a short time before the spring 2006 semester started. The course had around 40 students and lecture was held 2 hours MWF over 7 weeks (half of a normal semester). I divided the homework into two parts—part A dealt with calculations and helped the students develop proficiency and confidence, while part B dealt with why things work and built on the intuition developed in the part A homework. I also had the students read the text and take an online reading quiz by the time the part B homework was due. They were asked to state a few main points from the section and asked for a question or two over the material. I couldn’t find online quiz systems that did what I wanted, so I modified an open-source online survey system to be an online quiz system.

I had a great time in this course helping the students and I felt that the class as a whole had a great semester.

Course Information

Here I posted the grader's homework solutions.


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