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Math 100 Exams

The material on these tests may be different than the material on future tests, both because the content for the test might differ (i.e., we may be testing over slightly different material ranges), and because with any test, we cannot test *everything*, so different tests may leave out different material. So make sure to study all of the material, and not just the questions on a particular test.

Exam 1

Exam 2

  • Spring 2012 (we have not covered the material for question 5 on calculating work; we won't be testing over that in Fall 2013 on test 2.)


As noted in the syllabus, the final exam is comprehensive, and will cover all material we have covered in the semester.

I asked you to watch a video on triple integrals in spherical and cylindrical coordinates and look at problems 12.8-12.14. I will not explicitly ask you to set up an integral in spherical or cylindrical coordinates. However, I may ask you to set up a triple integral problem which could be done in rectangular coordinates, but would be *much* easier in cylindrical or spherical coordinates, so it would be wise to review the material.

You may bring a “dumb” scientific calculator to the final (i.e., no graphing calculators, no cell phone calculators, etc., will be allowed).

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