Honors Calculus II, Fall 2008

Honors section A, meeting during 8-8:50 AM on MTRF in 160 Carver.

Course Information

The department Calculus page is at There are finals from previous semesters there.

Math Help Room

The math help room is located in 385 Carver. The hours are listed on the website:


Class Sage Server

The class Sage server is at You can create an account there or just browse the published worksheets. When you create an account, please do not use a password that you use elsewhere (there are no guarantees about the safety of the passwords, though they are encrypted and I have tried secure things tightly).

Other Software

I will be using some or all of the following software packages. You can get Matlab for free from the university and you can get Sage for free on the internet. You can also access Sage without installing anything using the free online interface.

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