Test 1

Here are objectives for test 1. Your lesson plan should cover these objectives.

  1. Limits
    1. Estimate a limit graphically
    2. Explain what a limit is
    3. Evaluate a limit:
      1. of a continuous function
      2. using dividing and rationalizing techniques
      3. using the Squeeze theorem
      4. using the trig fact about the limit of sin(x)/x as x approaches 0
      5. an infinite limit (i.e., a limit which is equal to infinity or negative infinity)
  2. Continuity
    1. Definition of a continuous function
    2. Know the types of discontinuities
    3. Determine if a function is continuous, and if not, what type of discontinuity there is
    4. Redefine a function that has a removable discontinuity to remove that discontinuity
  3. Understand and use the Intermediate Value Theorem
  4. Find a sketch vertical and horizontal asymptotes of a graph

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