Business Calculus, Fall 2005

This class had about 35 students. It was a pretty intense semester with a lot of material to cover. I taught one of the small sections, while most students in the other sections were in a large-lecture format taught by another teacher. After the first test, in response to student comments, I concentrated on making the expectations for the course and the tests extremely clear. I think that worked well (you can see the test study guides on the course website, for example). We had short multiple-choice reading quizzes due before material was covered in class. I developed most of the materials here.

Course Information

To take the pretest, go to and log in with your Route Y username and password. When you log in, click on “Pretests and Placement Exams”. Click “Yes” to enroll in this course. You should then be at a page that has a “Topic Outline” of a bunch of pretests for different courses (like Math 110, Math 112, Math 119, etc.). Go to the Math 119 topic and click on the “Math 119 Pretest” to take the pretest.

You may want to go through the pretest review. This can be found with the pretest.

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