Final Project

As talked about in class many times, the basic criteria are:

  • Presentation: 12 minutes (and we'll have a few more minutes for questions)
  • Paper: 10 pages (single or 1.5 spacing). This page requirement does not count figures, pictures, and tables.
  • The mathematics should be at a level that other classmates can understand, but should present a significant linear algebra subject beyond what we've covered in class.
  • Plagiarism (claiming another's work as your own), either intentional or through neglecting to cite sources, is considered an academic honesty issue and can lead to a zero grade on the project and a failure in the course. Make sure to cite your sources, including sources for figures and sources that you may be paraphrasing.

The grading for the final project will follow the following rubric:

Area Points Criteria for excellence
Rough draft 10 Close to 10 pages, accurately examines ideas, indicates sources, shows careful understanding in a major portion of the subject matter and major thought in how the ideas are presented.
Content 20 Ideas are clearly presented and demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject, flow of material is logical, mathematics is correct and discussed at the appropriate level (i.e., your audience is your classmates), answers to questions are confident and correct, terminology is used correctly
Style 5 Speaking clearly and confidently, appropriately timed (close to 12 minutes, but not over 12 minutes), slides or other presentation aids are clear and support the presentation
Mathematical concepts 25 Concepts are clearly and deeply explained and connections are drawn between the concepts, examples illustrate important ideas, mathematical concepts are at the appropriate level
Mathematical usage 25 Mathematics terminology is used correctly, examples and other mathematics are correct
Introduction/conclusion 10 Introduction and conclusion help the reader get the big ideas and connect the material to other mathematical ideas
Style 5 Writing and the structure of the paper flows well, no grammar or spelling mistakes, references appropriately formatted (so it is clear where the references can be found), supporting material (e.g., computer code, tables, etc.) are included as appropriate

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